Is Block Wall a Good Option for Your Next Project? 

When we think of our dream house. It is normal for us to see it as a positive thing. We like to think about the different things and rooms that we want to see there. It could be a bit hard to achieve for others but with great determination and self-encouragement, you can set your goals into reality. We have to think as well that aside from those nice dreams we have when it comes to the house or apartment that we want to get. We need to think as well that possible ways to build it. This one is not like magic that you can just make a wish and everything will come true.  

Creating a plan when it comes to building a house would be a must. It needs a lot of things to prepare such as the materials and the different tools to use there. You can have your own options when it comes to the different set of designs down to the personal choice with the materials. There are some materials that they sound fancy and nice but the quality is not that good. There are some that they sound bad but actually, then can stay longer.  

If you are thinking of an efficient way to achieve a nice wall. Then, you need to consider the concrete type of block wall or bricks if you want. It would not cost you so much money when it comes to the possible block wall repair as long as you have the right contractor which is the mason to do it. A lot of people are confused when it comes to the concrete contractor and a mason. We love to save more money but we need to assure that they are going to do it exactly what we want. Both of them can create and build the specific type of result that you want according to their own field of expertise.  

If you are thinking now about your future company, then you would consider to build an office or a building where your employees can work well. This will be a good way as well to monitor them. Since, this is your plan, you need to assure that the walls there are protected well so that your employees won’t be endangered especially when there is a fire. Even for an ordinary house, it is great to consider a block wall as it can be resistant to the fire. This is one of the reasons why most of the houses located near to the forest is made of block wall.  

Not only fire but they can be a good option as well for a very strong type of wind. There are some places where we can’t control the speed of the wind. Remember that during the rainy season, most of the time you would experience extremely bad weather such as the typhoon. It could be very scary since most of the typhoons would bring strong wind and hurricane around the area.  

Exploring the Stucco Finish  

Stucco is a kind of finish more use as a siding. This finish is made of aggregates, binder and water. This is widely used on walls and ceilings as decorative. Less visually appealing materials like metals, concrete, clay brick and others can be covered too using stucco.  

Stucco is best for interior and exterior finish, its good as a siding too.  Stucco finish is unique and stylish in general. However, this is not easy to put up. That is why you need a professional stucco contractor to do this job.  

Stucco itself is wet; it is applied as wet cement-type mixture and hardens as a very dense solid.  Usually, it is a mixture of cement, lime and water. Before you go the finish, you need to prepare layers of adequate base for it. Due to the complexity of the process to come up with this finish, it is highly recommended to hire a stucco contractor Lethbridge.  

Stucco has its pros and cons compared to common siding materials. The advantages of choosing stucco finish are as follows. First, you can choose if you want it textured or tinted. Second, it is cheaper than other siding options. Third, it makes your house resistant to different weathers as it lasts for 50 years or more.  

On the other side, the disadvantages of having this finish are the following. First, the repair of stucco finish is costly and not that easy. Second, you cannot include this finish in your DIY project. Third, this is only best for a certain area, specifically in the southern US. Lastly, it is durable but it demands proper and regular maintenance.  

Given these pros and cons, stucco finish is still one of the best choices, especially in sidings, due to the cost of its materials.  

Stucco has different layers. Naturally, stucco finish is installed on concrete masonry because it stable. Stucco finish is best for stable surfaces because it cracks easily.  Concrete masonry is also less prone to expansion and contraction. When you chose to install stucco finish, a scratch coat is needed. This is a cement-type base layer used to reinforce the stucco.  

Some buildings are not recommended to a stucco finish due to the materials they are made of. Wood-sheathed buildings do not have the proper bases for a stucco finish. Still, you can make stucco finish possible by making the layer. You need to make a layer with waterproof building paper and self-furring metal lath. With the presence of the lath, the scratch coat now has a grip to hang onto. When all of these layers are done, use a brown coat. The brown coat smooths down the surface, just right for the stucco finish. Both in masonry or wood-sheathed buildings, 3/8 is the recommended thickness for stucco finish to look great. Stucco finish is complex, but it is beautiful and it lasts a lifetime if properly taken care of. If you have any questions regarding on this, do not hesitate to contact your contractor. 

Kitchen Cabinet Renovation Pro-Tips 

Remodeling or renovating your kitchen is a very big decision, knowing that your kitchen is a vital part of your home. This undertaking needs careful planning because it involves a big budget too. It is a big help to gather information, formulate concepts and ask advice to professional providers before starting the renovation. You have to consider a lot of things like space, function, materials to be used and design. Take time to read our pro-tips so that you can have your renovation smooth and easy even on a budget.  

Pro-tip # 1: Mind your Budget 

Money works, you like it or not all your plans should fit in your budget. This is the first consideration because if you do not budget wisely, there is a risk that you might not finish your project on time or worst, you can’t finish it at all leaving your kitchen hanging. Cabinet renovation Red Deer is a major expense, so plan carefully. You can consider getting a home equity loan because most banks now are offering zero interest for six months up to one year. Check your cabinets too if it is still up for refinishing or it really needs replacement. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding and check in what areas can you save because renovating does not mean starting from scratch. There are still good structures that could be retained instead of spending for a new one right away.  

Pro-tip # 2: Check your Existing lay-out 

If you have a way to save your budget and keeping parts of your existing kitchen lay-out, do it. This is not only true for the cabinets; you can save more if you can find a way to keep your major systems in their place. Keeping major systems like gas, electricity and plumbing will save you a big amount because if you decide to change it too, you really need to expand your budget because these are costly too.  

Pro-tip # 3: Contemplate on every space 

Most common reason why homeowners resort to renovation is to save space and second is of course to make the kitchen beautiful. Renovation sometime requires knocking downs some walls, removal and change of flooring and other major changes. Before you finally do this, contemplate first. Does removing the wall costs as much as the extra space? If not, you can consider spending the money for a significant addition like new appliance or new quality cabinets.  

Renovating is not easy especially when you are in budget. Thus, think twice or ever thrice before proceeding to a step. Make sure you will not have to regret for it because this is exactly what you wanted. If you have doubts in yourself, professional help and advice is always available in the line. You can give them the stressful planning and designing. At the end of the day, the stress and struggle will be transformed into happiness and satisfaction because you just got the kitchen that you have always wanted. 

Drywall Installation Tools Starter Pack 

Drywall installation is now part of the many Do-It Yourself (DIY) projects you can do at home. If you are up to this, you need to consider some tools to make drywall installation easy and efficient. You can start walking out now in the local hardware to look for these tools, and start your Drywall Installation Tools Starter Pack. 

If you are a starter in this project, you need to but this quite expensive but crucial Drywall T-Square. A lot of cutting is involved in a drywall installation project and in order to entirely cut the large width of drywall sheet, this T-square is a need. This T-square can let you cut a full 48 –inch length drywall sheet. Another feature of this tool is its head. The cross-end of a T-square fits neatly in any edge. It is also long enough to perfectly place the sheet. This could be your most expensive investment in a drywall installation but this is also the most useful tool. Aside the fact that there is no other substitute for this, you can also use this for other projects.  

Next in line is the drywall knife in sizes 4, 6 and 12 inch. This is not an expensive investment so take time to buy this and do not settle in putty knives. These knives are specialized and works best in drywall installation Red Deer. The different sizes are specially designed to different functions. For taping and slopping the mud into place, the 4 and 6-inch knives are used while for feathering and final coating, the 12-inch knife is used.  

Another cheap item for your DIY drywall installation projects is the utility knife or the cutter. Choose the one that ha snap-off and interchangeable blades. For greater stability, find those blades that can be set into screw-down handle.  

Then you should buy a cordless drill for fastening. Say goodbye to hammer and nails because this was only good for the old days. Nowadays, professional drywall installers use automatic tools. Cordless drill is good to work with screws. Being cordless, this tool is always ready for the next. This is quite expensive, so if it is only a one-time project, consider renting. You can choose between 12V and 18 V cordless drills, depending on the project. Corded drills are less expensive than cordless but it is frustrating when you cannot control the torque on the drill. Hence, we encourage you to get the cordless.  

Preparing the wall’s surface is always the first step in installing the drywall, that is why you need sanding pole and sanding sheets. Regular brooms can be used for sanding however; specialized sanding sheets and poles have better results. This comes in two types, the coarse fiberglass mesh and the ordinary sandpaper. Both are needed as they have different functions. To prevent the cake up, the fiberglass mesh allows dust to pass through and for finer sanding.  

There are still lots of tools to buy but for starters, these five tools are enough to get you going.