Drywall Installation Tools Starter Pack 

Drywall installation is now part of the many Do-It Yourself (DIY) projects you can do at home. If you are up to this, you need to consider some tools to make drywall installation easy and efficient. You can start walking out now in the local hardware to look for these tools, and start your Drywall Installation Tools Starter Pack. 

If you are a starter in this project, you need to but this quite expensive but crucial Drywall T-Square. A lot of cutting is involved in a drywall installation project and in order to entirely cut the large width of drywall sheet, this T-square is a need. This T-square can let you cut a full 48 –inch length drywall sheet. Another feature of this tool is its head. The cross-end of a T-square fits neatly in any edge. It is also long enough to perfectly place the sheet. This could be your most expensive investment in a drywall installation but this is also the most useful tool. Aside the fact that there is no other substitute for this, you can also use this for other projects.  

Next in line is the drywall knife in sizes 4, 6 and 12 inch. This is not an expensive investment so take time to buy this and do not settle in putty knives. These knives are specialized and works best in drywall installation Red Deer. The different sizes are specially designed to different functions. For taping and slopping the mud into place, the 4 and 6-inch knives are used while for feathering and final coating, the 12-inch knife is used.  

Another cheap item for your DIY drywall installation projects is the utility knife or the cutter. Choose the one that ha snap-off and interchangeable blades. For greater stability, find those blades that can be set into screw-down handle.  

Then you should buy a cordless drill for fastening. Say goodbye to hammer and nails because this was only good for the old days. Nowadays, professional drywall installers use automatic tools. Cordless drill is good to work with screws. Being cordless, this tool is always ready for the next. This is quite expensive, so if it is only a one-time project, consider renting. You can choose between 12V and 18 V cordless drills, depending on the project. Corded drills are less expensive than cordless but it is frustrating when you cannot control the torque on the drill. Hence, we encourage you to get the cordless.  

Preparing the wall’s surface is always the first step in installing the drywall, that is why you need sanding pole and sanding sheets. Regular brooms can be used for sanding however; specialized sanding sheets and poles have better results. This comes in two types, the coarse fiberglass mesh and the ordinary sandpaper. Both are needed as they have different functions. To prevent the cake up, the fiberglass mesh allows dust to pass through and for finer sanding.  

There are still lots of tools to buy but for starters, these five tools are enough to get you going.