Exploring the Stucco Finish  

Stucco is a kind of finish more use as a siding. This finish is made of aggregates, binder and water. This is widely used on walls and ceilings as decorative. Less visually appealing materials like metals, concrete, clay brick and others can be covered too using stucco.  

Stucco is best for interior and exterior finish, its good as a siding too.  Stucco finish is unique and stylish in general. However, this is not easy to put up. That is why you need a professional stucco contractor to do this job.  

Stucco itself is wet; it is applied as wet cement-type mixture and hardens as a very dense solid.  Usually, it is a mixture of cement, lime and water. Before you go the finish, you need to prepare layers of adequate base for it. Due to the complexity of the process to come up with this finish, it is highly recommended to hire a stucco contractor Lethbridge.  

Stucco has its pros and cons compared to common siding materials. The advantages of choosing stucco finish are as follows. First, you can choose if you want it textured or tinted. Second, it is cheaper than other siding options. Third, it makes your house resistant to different weathers as it lasts for 50 years or more.  

On the other side, the disadvantages of having this finish are the following. First, the repair of stucco finish is costly and not that easy. Second, you cannot include this finish in your DIY project. Third, this is only best for a certain area, specifically in the southern US. Lastly, it is durable but it demands proper and regular maintenance.  

Given these pros and cons, stucco finish is still one of the best choices, especially in sidings, due to the cost of its materials.  

Stucco has different layers. Naturally, stucco finish is installed on concrete masonry because it stable. Stucco finish is best for stable surfaces because it cracks easily.  Concrete masonry is also less prone to expansion and contraction. When you chose to install stucco finish, a scratch coat is needed. This is a cement-type base layer used to reinforce the stucco.  

Some buildings are not recommended to a stucco finish due to the materials they are made of. Wood-sheathed buildings do not have the proper bases for a stucco finish. Still, you can make stucco finish possible by making the layer. You need to make a layer with waterproof building paper and self-furring metal lath. With the presence of the lath, the scratch coat now has a grip to hang onto. When all of these layers are done, use a brown coat. The brown coat smooths down the surface, just right for the stucco finish. Both in masonry or wood-sheathed buildings, 3/8 is the recommended thickness for stucco finish to look great. Stucco finish is complex, but it is beautiful and it lasts a lifetime if properly taken care of. If you have any questions regarding on this, do not hesitate to contact your contractor.